House Manager

Owing  to  the  extremely  busy  lives  that  we  lead  and  the  long  working  hours  that  we  spend  outside  our
house, it is virtually impossible to handle housework efficiently.  A  House  Manager  is  specifically hired to
provide assistance in handling household chores such as washing, cleaning, cooking, caring for pets  and
child  care.  The  House  Manager  will  take  care  of  the  Nyaseti  Family  by  cooking  for  us,  washing  for  us
ensuring  our  comfort  among  other  important  things  that  directly  results  in  improved  productivity  at  our
respective workplace. This in turn directly influences economic growth in a positive manner. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle children and elderly as per specific instructions from the homeowners
  • Sweep and mop floors around the house including the kitchen and the pantry
  • Handle kitchen cleaning duties such as cleaning countertops and arranging cupboards and store
  • Wash cars
  • Ensure that all kitchen appliances such as dip fryer, electric kettle, bread toasters, gas cooker, rice
    cooker, refrigerator and microwave oven are cleaned and maintained perfectly
  • Wash and dry dishes and make sure that they are put away in designated cupboards
  • Wash and hang clothes out to dry
  • Iron clothes and put them in designated wardrobes
  • Change linen and make beds twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays along with tidying up
    bedrooms and living rooms
  • Ensure that carpets are swept and shampooed as per the orders of homeowners
  • Ensure that sofas are dusted on a daily basis and cushions neatly arranged on seats
    Empty waste bins, wash out waste bins and ensure that all waste is properly put away
     Ensure that cleaning supplies are stored properly
    Sweep the compound on a daily basis and ensure that compound is kept neat
    Tidy up curtains in an aesthetic manner, and wash them once every three months
    Wash bathrooms, clean pipe-work, clean toothpaste holder, hand soap holder and shelves
    Replenish supplies such as soap, toilet paper and clean towels in the bathrooms
    Waste any expired food in the pantry or refrigerator and ensure that food and other supplies are
    kept at an adequate level
    Cook food according to designated recipes provided by the homeowner or on other instructions
    Care for pets (dogs and cats), cooking and feeding them, shampooing the dogs once a week
    Report faulty equipment to homeowners and any needed repairs or defects in the building structure

Preferable that you hold a KCSE certificate.
At least four (4) years of demonstrated experience working in similar position
Ability to look after children and the elderly with kindness and compassion
Ability to care for pets (dogs and cats)
Good organizational skills and ability to work under instructions

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