nanny contract


When hiring a help, writing a contract is an important step in the process of hiring. It is a legally required document and it’s very beneficial to have it in place. Most agencies tend to have an agreement between you and your help but it is not mandatory to use there’s, you can alternatively make your own contract between you and your help.

The househelp must agree to a contract that will help set ground rules from the day of employment and also to prevent misunderstandings that can happen. In addition, a contract is there to help protect you as the employer as well as the help in the event a problem arises.

Your contract should cover anything that is related to your house help’s job. Let it be detailed as possible and include:

• Beginning date of employment
• Detailed schedule of work
• Remuneration i.e. salary paid
• Basic job duties

In the next section of the contract, write out more details that include information about time off, medical care, benefits, list of paid holidays and holidays, house rules, and any other details that you have to offer the househelp as part of her employment. There should also be a section that includes a confidentiality agreement, which should include detailed information about what is and what is not allowed to be shared outside the work place.

In the final section, include a termination clause. This can helpnanny contract image 2 keep both parties in case termination is to happen. If the both or one party wants to quits, include a clause in this section that they must provide a notice and also give a time frame for the notice. if you want to have the option to terminate the help at will without pay in case she is at fault also include a clause that will help you do this without negative effects. This is also a good place to talk about what to do in case she needs to return any family property after employment is terminated.

If you have never had to write a nanny contract before and find it overwhelming, you can always involve a lawyer or your spouse. Have a sit down and tell them what you want to be included in the contract so that you are able to get someone who is ready and willing to work.

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