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It has become a common case to hear that house helps are stealing valuables and house hold goods from their employers. Most employers wonder what to do in such situations, some may report to the authorities but it may take a while before they locate where the house help went to. Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment. Employers are advised to opt for vetting to ensure that you know the person who is coming to work for you. These are some of the important reasons why house helps should be vetted:

• To maintain the highest possible standards.
• To check and verify their personal documentation.
• It helps an employer build confidence and trust with the househelp.
• Reduces cases of theft, child abuse and adultery.
• To ensure competence in their work.
• Corroborate personal data and identity
• To make recruitment process easier.

These are the most important points why employers should vet their workers. There are companies that can vet your workers in Kenya. At NairobiNanny we use Darubini Screening and Vetting Company. With their assistance you can be able to i.D Check, Finger print and photo check, confirmation of previous two addresses and other contact details and criminal record check. Always remember do not assume you know your help have him/her screened before they start working.


  1. Please can you send me sample of house helps personal data or forms

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