Starting pre-school is a very big step for a child, and parents should play an essential role in preparing their young ones. Here are a few ways to prepare for when your child is reporting to school:

Visit the preschool

It is a good idea to visit your child’s intended school with them when it is on session. Meet the class teacher and introduce your child. You can also allow the child to play and observe the room so as to get acquainted before reporting. If not possible during the weekday make out time for the weekends and remember to explain to your child what happens in a school setting.

Take advantage of teachable moments

Children are naturally curious hence this will make teaching them easy. Find some time during the day to teach them a few lessons about life. Parents can teach them how to serve others or one another as through this they learn empathy. Learning can occur naturally but parents can also help in the learning process.

Fine- Tune fine motor skills

Create fun craft activities e.g coloring, gluing, modeling that will help the children develop fine motor skills. While modeling they can form shapes and letters this also prepares them in their handwriting when they join school.

Set up daily chores

Teach your children how to do thing for themselves. They can clear their plate from the table, dress up themselves, put their toys in the right place and also participate in other house hold duties that you as a parent see it fit for them. Always give support and encouragement when the chores are completed.

Make time for reading

It is good for parents to create time and read to their children since it enhances vocabulary and provides imaginative experiences that help them to be creative in daily life. As a parents also read books concerning preschool to enable you to be able to cope and understand your kids well.

Look out for separation anxiety

It is perfectly normal for children to experience separation anxiety especially in the first few days or weeks of joining school. Parents should be prepared for some tears but it is good to stay positive so that your child does not notice any anxious feels from you about leaving them in school. The best way to avoid the tears is always tell them what to expect as they your taking them to school and remind them that you will be back for them.



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