Our Mission
We aspire

To provide a forum for families and caregivers to meet
To provide an environment for children in which they are cared for, nurtured and stimulated in order to achieve their highest potential.
To provide parents and guardians with additional resources to maximize their effectiveness as parents.
To secure each Child Carer/Nanny a stable, comfortable work environment.

Who is a Nanny?

A nanny or house-help is a child care specialist. Their  workplace is in a family’s private home and his/her job is to provide one-on-one attention and the best possible care for the family’s children. The work may be full-time or part-time, and the nanny may or may not live with the family. The nanny’s role is to provide support to..

Information  in this section include:


Duties and responsibilities of  house-helps. 


The level of skills and knowledge for a house-help. 


Salary and  benefits for  a house-help.


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Create a Safe
and a happy home for your kids

At NAIROBINANNY.COM we know how hard it is to find childcare designed to make your life easier and give you more peace of mind. Our site is designed to be an easy to use tool that will enable you to find the right child carer, when you require one.tell me more »

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Desired Salary(KSHS)
For parents
  • Are you tired of running to 'bureaus' and contacting reluctant up-country relatives for house girls ?
  • Are you tired of wasting precious time training your house help only for her/his to disappear as soon as she/he is trained?
  • Are you tired of having to phone in to work every so often with the same reason of your house help not having shown up after her/his weekend off?
  • Are you tired of worrying over whether or not your house help will return after her/his weekend off?
  • Are you tired of unreliable, unprofessional house girls?
  • Are you looking for professional, experienced child-care to look after your children  and give good care?
Ask and look no more for we at NAIROBINANNY.COM have the solution to your domestic help problems.
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For Parents and Nannies
This section is  for  parents, families  and house helps to make the most of their work and personal relationships. The relationship between the nanny and the parent is unlike almost any other employer/employee relationship. In any other line of work most people would react to the thought of actually leaving with their bosses, with either laughter or horror. Yet, it is a prerequisite in this field and it can work successfully.Read more about nannies and families »

Also in this section

- Work Agreement between families and house helps.
- Daily Log Binder for the guidance of house girls or nannies.
- Transition to a new position for the nannies.
- Orientation to the Family.
- New house help working with the new mother.

Our Service
NAIROBINANNY.COM  provides a database of potential nannies and house-helps. Search through the data base and ask for contact information.

Step 1: Complete and send the family application form to NairobiNanny.com or send an email to info(at)nairobinanny.com with the specifications of the required help.
Step 2: Once a house-help who suits your family profile is identified, we will call you back.
Step 3: We give you additional information including contacts for you to arrange for an interview with candidate(s).
Step 4: You make your choice and decision.

Email: info(at)nairobinanny.com

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