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Are you tired of running to the so called 'house girl bureaus' and of calling your reluctant up-country relatives for house girls ?

Do you feel tired of wasting your precious time training your house help only for them to disappear shortly after?

Are you tired of having to phone in to work every so often with the same reason of your house help not having shown up after their  weekend off?

Are you tired of worrying over whether or not your house help will return after the weekend off?

Could you be sick and tired of unreliable, unprofessional house girls?

And, are you looking for professional, experienced child-care to look after your children and give good care?

Worry no more. At NAIROBINANNY we have the solution to your domestic help problems. You can search our rich database here or, if not successful,  fill out our request form here for help.



Families and domestic employees like house-helps, nannies, cooks etc, must always make the most of their work and personal relationships.  It is indeed a unique, if not a special relationship. Both parties must guard it jealously.

The relationship between the domestic worker and the family members is unlike any other employer/employee relationship. In any other line of work most people would react to the thought of actually living with their bosses or employers under one roof, with either horror or laughter. Yet, this is the case, in the majority of situations,  when it comes to domestic employees.  Nairobinanny tries to make the best for both parties.

Some Important and Useful Documents
Sample work Agreement between families and house helps. Download PDF
Sample Baby's Log for the guidance of house girls or nannies. Download PDF 

Sample Toddler's Log for the guidance of house girls or nannies. Download PDF

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Please note that this is only an administrative desk. As such, we DO NOT have and you will not get any house-helps or other domestic personnel at the office that you may walk in, interview  and walk away with.

We encourage you to search our data base or fill out   this domestic personnel request form .

Once we receive your email, we shall be able to match you with an appropriate  profile.

After the matching,  we arrange for you to meet with the candidate at a time and place of convenience for  both of you.